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Our Solutions

It is our priority to deliver efficiently and within best possible timeline. We offer relatively highly innovative technology solutions to our client as they cut across all sphere of the system.

Bekee Remote Monitoring and Security Solutions

Imagine that you resumed work one day and find that one of your important servers is down or that your deployed solution is no longer accessible. After investigation, you discovered that the issue was because the server resource was not enough or that one important service that the solution depends on is crashed. It could even be that the server hard disk have crashed completely.

This kind of issues can eat into a large chunk of your day and could cost your business money in downtime or resource overload.Would it not be great to resume work and be notified that an issue occurred at night but was solved before you resumed. Bekee RMMS offers 24/7 monitoring and resolution services that keeps you away from situations highlighted. Our services gives you complete peace of mind that your most critical business systems are operating at peak performance when they are needed.

At Bekee Technologies Nigeria we offer a suit of seasoned professionals and proven remote monitoring solutions that will send out email and/or sms alerts immediately the issues occur. Our support experts will immediately investigate the issues and ensure they are resolved before the issues could have impact on productivity and ultimately profits. This our service can be tailored to your exact business needs.

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Bekee Biometric Time Attendance Tracking Services

Bekee Biometric Time Attendance® Tracker is a solution that is used for the capture and log of employee attendance based on their fingerprint or palm geometry. It allows employers to leverage on biometric information to effectively monitor the attendance of employees. It eliminates any possibilities of people clocking in and/or out on behalf of friends who for one reason or another are unable to be at the office and wish to conceal their absence.

Bekee Biometric Time Attendance® suite of solutions with its integration to our Web base backend FAS (Finger print Authentication Server) brings to your utility, values such as flexibility, reliability and efficient attendance logging and time management. The solution can be integrated to and existing payroll solution or a bundled payroll solution for salary computation and payment automation based on the attendance logs. Bekee Nigeria builds industry most priced biometrics solutions and technology!

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Managed IT Security Services

Computer network is more than just a useful collection of hardware, cable and software – it is the lifeblood of your business. Without a functioning network there will be no email, no internet, no online transaction and no reliable data storage. As customers demand and advancement in technology drive businesses to use networked storages and systems, it is never been important to have a reliable, resilient and robust network support services.

Bekee Technology Nigeria managed IT security services ensure your network is always available, always ready and protected from intruders, hackers and other threats that could compromise your business. We offer a range of managed services that give complete IT peace of mind and comes at a considerable cost. If you are a small or medium sized business in Africa, our managed IT security services offer total flexibility and reassurance that your network is safe and performing perfectly.

We offer a range of managed IT security services that is tailored to your exact business need. As technology has advanced, it brought with an array of new threats. From malware to firewall monitoring and configuration to secure VPN connection and configuration, from intrusion detection and ant-spam provision to bandwidth management we will ensure that your network remain secure and performs at its best.

Biometric Devices Supply and Integration Services.

Bekee Technology Nigeria is a provider of advanced biometric hardware and integration services to customers who need enhanced security in identity management. With proprietary biometric algorithm from our partner, we develop and create products for physical access control, computer and network logon, identity management and E-commerce.

We are now offering a full series of biometric hardware and software products for both logical and physical access control. These products are being used by our customers across West Africa for various applications. Please click into the products section for more details. Besides the standard products, we are also ready to assist our customers to develop their own biometric recognition solutions.