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Bekee RMS

Oil Level Monitoring System

BekeeTech Oil and Gas monitoring systems provide a perfect way to remotely monitor either large or small sites. Our solutions range from Marginal Well Sites with just a few tanks up to those large high producing sites with large tank batteries.

Monitored Components

– Oil and Water Tank Level
– Flow Level
– Compressors
– Site AC Power
– Any Digital or Analogue Equipment on Site
– Line and Pump Pressure
– Pump Status
– Energy Levels (Battery Bank and Solar/Wind Charging)
– Pump Status
– Fluid in Containment Areas

What we Control

– Pump Control
– ESD Switches
– Any Digital or Analogue Equipment on Site
– On-Site Notifications
– Valves and Shutoffs

Tanker Monitoring System

GSM Tannker Monitoring System is a system that monitors fuel level in tankers and synchronise the data to a central server. These data when harnessed is presented in a well organised and intelligent format for easy access. The data can be accessed with mobile phones of various platform (Android, IOS, Windows, and Blackberry).