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FS22/FS21M Fin’Lock – Fingerprint Access Control System with Mifare

Product Features

– FS22/FS21M supports Futronic proprietary Live Finger Detection(LFD). If this function is activated, only live fingers can be used to access and FS22/FS21M will not capture the image from fake fingers. So fake fingers made from silicone and rubber can’t be used to access.
– With MiFare card reader and writer. That is, all FS22/FS21M can be used to issue MiFare card for users.
– Support various access control methods to meet different application needs, some examples are:

. Fingerprint only(1-to-N matching)
. ID+ Fingerprint(1-to-1 matching)
. MiFare card+Fingerprint(1-to-1 matching)
. MiFare card+Fingerprint stored on card(1-to-1 matching)
. MiFare card+PIN
. MiFare card only
. PIN only

– Each user can register up to 3 fingerprints
– User/Finger administration such as add, delete, edit, etc, can be done in both FS22/FS21M and FAS/PC.
– User/Finger database can be synchronized between FS22/FS21M and FAS/PC via LAN/Internet
– All communication between FS22/FS21M and FAS is encrypted by Blowfish algorithm and the key exchange between them is done by Diffie-Hellman algorithm.
– Can operate in local mode or network mode
– Support Wiegand interface with 5 selectable output formats.
– Support Futronic’s Remote Relay Unit FS30.
– There are black and silver colour enclosure for customer to select.

BioStation T2

Product Features

– Face Detection Technology
– 5″ Touch Screen LCD with easy-to-use GUI
– Embedded Web Server
– Fast Identification; 1:3,000 Fingerprints per second
– 1GB Flash Memory store up to 200,000 users and 1,000,000 logs (5,000 Images)
– Dual CPU System technology, high speed and reliability identification
– Versatile interfaces: Wi Fi, TCP/IP, RS 232 – RS 485, Wiegand Videophone, IP based video and audio interface or analog video phone
– Optionally RFID working: EM, Mifare, DESfire
– Biometric terminal with 2 years of warranty
– Powered by POE (Power Over Ethernet) to lower the cost of installation

BioEntry W Terminal

Product Features

– Fingerprint biometric terminal safe, fast and easy to manage through command
– Fast and precise identification of fingerprints to access control
– Easy installation and connectivity: TCP/IP, RS-485
– Easy operation and maintenance: RFID reader for multimodal authentication of users (Fingerprint, card and fingerprint + card)
– Internal Relay for direct connection with the lock
– Searching and automatic synchronization of dispensers inside a network
– Smart design of reduced size

BioStation Wifi

Product Features

– Fast and reliable algorithm, up to 3.000 fingerprints per second.
– 400.000 fingerprint capacity (1:1) and 1.000.000 logs capacity
– Dual CPU System technology, reliable and fast identification
– Optical and capacitive sensors
– Easy network installation: TCP/IP, RS-485
– Color LCD screen with intuitive GUI
– USB memory slot for data exchange
– Versatile working mode: biometric, RFID, display (combinable)
– Full featured biometric terminal with 2 years of warranty

BioLite Net

Product Features

– IP65 protection and robust biometric terminal, ideal for outdoor installation and long durability
– Fast and reliable fingerprint identification
– Easy installation and connectivity: TCP/IP or RS-485
– Easy operation and maintenance: integrated keyboard and RFID reader for multimodal user authentication (Fingerprint, PIN, Card)
– LCD screen, color LED and multiple beeper sound
– Smart and small design

Face Station

Product Features

Suprema’s technology facial recognition:

– Grid and dual LED camera with visible light and infrared
– Processing of the images using a proprietary algorithm that creates facial patterns.
– Very safe and reliable, does not accept photos or images flat (2D)

Fast and reliable identification:

– Speed of face recognition 1:1.000 per second

Touch screen and intuitive interface:

– LCD touch screen 4.3 “WVGA
– Interface resistant very accurate and reliable for high traffic in biometric access control and attendance control system with a high volume.

Double operation:

– Stand-alone
– Network operation using TCP/IP

Video door phone interface:

– Camera, microphone and speaker
– Supports IP-based system and analog
– BioStar VideoPhone Software for one or more intercom systems (available with no extra cost buying the terminal)

Extra flexibility – Versatile interfaces:

– 2-channel RS-485, RS-232, Wiegand and USB
– 4 inputs and 2 relay outputs
– Ports of entry and exit options for further expansion (Secure Supreme Module I / O)

IP access control system:

– Read and write features on a single terminal
– TCP / IP, WiFi and PoE (Power over Ethernet)

Facial recognition technology:

– High performance face recognition algorithm Suprema
– Process images using two cameras, one visual and one infrared
– Grid LED’s active and adaptable for reliability.

Powerful Dual-CPU architecture:

– 1.1 GHz DSP for face recognition
– 667 MHz RISC for terminal operations